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Welcome OnBrand Podcast Listeners


Amanda joined Nick Westergaard on the OnBrand podcast—thanks for hosting, Nick! Nick and Amanda had a lot of fun chatting about branding around the holidays, including recent advertising successes and some flops. Amanda also shares some practical tips for listeners that work in marketing or PR to set up for success in the new year.

Nick and Amanda also touched on the power of using fun to deliver professional development materials like Amanda’s book PR Confidential; you’re more likely to want to learn if you’re having fun! Fun questions can actually be useful in the workplace as well. Amanda shared some silly questions that she uses to understand a brand in a messaging question, and how these kinds of questions can reveal the key components of the brand.

PR Confidential

PR Confidential

The interworkings of public relations have long remained a mystery, but not for any good reason. Lightspeed PR/M’s Amanda Proscia published PR Confidential: Unlocking the Secrets to Creating a Powerful Public Image to equip readers with the knowledge to understand and utilize the power of public relations.

PR Budget Quiz

Your PR Budget For Success

This PR Budget Quiz tallys up your answers and provides insight into the different elements of a PR program and the associated costs.

PR Chat Session

Schedule PR Chat Session

Do you need some media attention? Not sure where to start? Book a PR Chat Session with the Lightspeed PR/M founders. Use this time to ask questions about PR, discuss your goals, or learn more about how our team secures media coverage at the speed of light.