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Amanda joins Jen Berson for this episode of Pitching Powerhouse—thanks, Jen! Amanda and Jen talk about how and why Lightspeed PR/M was founded ten years ago, and the many methods Amanda has picked up along the way to communicate the value of PR to prospective clients. Sometimes the best way to explain what PR is, and its value, is to explain what it’s not. Jen and Amanda also talk about the power of testimonials and case studies; sometimes brand leaders need to hear it from similar companies so they’re able to see PR pay off in a space that is familiar to them.

Jen and Amanda also talk through questions commonly asked by clients and how to address them. This includes knowing if you have news, and how quickly the PR team is able to get results. 

Finally, Amanda shares the process of writing her new book: PR Confidential: Unlocking the Secrets to Creating a Powerful Public Image and the value that writing a book brings to one’s business ventures. Amanda says, “it’s the best business card.” 

PR Confidential

PR Confidential

The interworkings of public relations have long remained a mystery, but not for any good reason. Lightspeed PR/M’s Amanda Proscia published PR Confidential: Unlocking the Secrets to Creating a Powerful Public Image to equip readers with the knowledge to understand and utilize the power of public relations.

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